Nuage de Beauté

A choice of conscious beauty.


Pioneers in Italy, RF Cosmetics laboratories can boast the harmonization between High-Tech Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics: a choice that unreservedly combines beauty and well-being both for people and the environment.
The formulation of each product of Nuage de Beauté is the result of deep knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge technologies. It is the expression of the willingness to sublimate the natural elements and to capture their essence. From the simple, authentic perfection of nature, it is about reaching the heart of the materials and drawing from them all their potential, turning it into energy and support for the skin. This is the reason why Nuage de Beauté products are extremely effective and their benefits are astonishing and immediately visible.


RF Cosmetics was founded in 1995, and it has become over the years an established research site where experimentation, formulation and production are provided for the same companies to which technical consultancy was provided before. Its beating heart is the team of developers, the in-house researchers who perform independent studies and tests on new formulations, as well as the work commissioned by client companies.
The mission of its team is to find innovative solutions using the latest technology, with constant adaption to changes in society. The future of cosmetics deals with an era of global mobility, in which the international borders are fading away and influences and cultures blend together. Today more than ever people, and particularly women, have to seek a balance between their traditions and new habits. Cosmetics thus become a means by which women can express their individuality and at the same time maintain a link with their origins.


Nuage de Beauté embraces the commitment of being eco-friendly using sustainable ingredients. RF Cosmetics is continuing to innovate and every year the company invests a substantial portion of its turnover in reducing the environmental impact: the cooling water of the manufacturing plant for example is 100% recycled, avoiding a huge waste of water. RF adopted physical, rather than chemical, sanitizing systems, using ozone generators (notoriously used in swimming pools) to make the process water perfectly clean and to purify the wastewater too.
RF Cosmetics takes care to respect the environment, from the extraction of raw materials until their processing and their recyclable packaging. We avoid the use of ingredients such as additives and supplements of animal origin or obtained from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The entire production cycle does not involve contact with substances of animal origin or alcohol that may induce alteration and sensitization.


Premature skin aging is associated with chrono and photo-aging and mainly through exposure to contaminants. Pollution can trigger the oxidative stress which affects DNA and causes lipid peroxidation. The consequence is a dull complexion, a tired appearance and the loss of elasticity. To provide a barrier between the skin and pollutants, increase our defences and keep the complexion clear, bright and free from discoloration, Nuage de Beauté uses exclusive active ingredients in combination with powerful anti-radicals. In this way the harmful effects of the environment are reduced and our skin barrier is strengthened and replenished.


The natural ingredients of Italian origin, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, possess highly similar properties and are compatible with the skin, giving formulas the same strength and high biological value that characterizes them.


For Nuage de Beauté the cherry blossom is a symbol of delicacy, hope and feminine beauty: a grace that has the power to take care of our skin. The extract of a flower so fragile appears to be a precious ally, essential in fighting aging.

The extract of the cherry blossom has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes epidermal cohesion by increasing firmness and elasticity of the tissues. It also counteracts the action of free radicals resulting from exposure to sunlight and radiation emitted by electronic devices as sources of blue light. The extract of a flower so fragile appears to be a precious ally, essential in fighting aging. Its cultivation takes place in a sustainable way for the environment and its harvest is done by hand without damage to the tree. The dedicated supply chain to obtain the extract allows us to ensure full compliance with the criteria for purity and maximum effectiveness.