Anti-Aging Repair treatment

Anti-Aging Repair treatment

Powerful and precious, this cream helps to reduce the visible signs of aging, to counteract the effect of time. Skin expresses all its youth; the complexion is fresher and brighter and reveals a new compactness. Sumptuous and silky, it is absorbed through the skin with rich moisturizing nutrients for a deep revitalization. It leaves the skin transformed, recovering its elasticity and luminosity of youthful skin.

Format: 50ml.

Active substance
A MIX OF JOJOBA, MIMOSA AND SUNFLOWER WAXES Provide a deep hydration and a velvety touch like silk. COCOA BUTTER Provides a barrier that helps maintain and restore the moisture that your skin loses due to cleaning and exposure to atmospheric agents. It has emollient and repairing properties. MATRIKINE These peptides act as cellular messengers able to regulate the sequence of events necessary for skin repair (wound healing). SAFFRON EXTRACT Thanks to its antioxidant benefits, it is a powerful protection against pollutants and Metalloproteinases, main factors in the degradation of skin structures. ACETYL DECAPEPTIDE-3 Reduces and prevents the formation of expression lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells. Contributing to the wound healing process. Strengthens skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-51 AMIDE Molecule designed to protect genomic integrity and improve the natural defense mechanisms of DNA.
How to use

After thorough cleaning of the face, apply the product and allow it to be absorbed with a gentle massage.

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