Moisturizing Treatment

Moisturizing Treatment

Designed to re-moisturize the skin and to wrap it in its ideal microclimate, this light, soft and velvety formula infuses the skin with rich hydration and energy. With anti-pollution action, it firms up the skin and helps to reinforce its moisturizing barriers. The skin will appear smoother and radiant.

Format: 50 ml.

Active substance
BIOLIQUEFIED TOMATO A product containing lycopene that acts as a powerful antioxidant. CERAMIDES They are one of the main components of the stratum corneum, where they occupy the interstitial spaces between the cells cementing them together and helping to keep the skin barrier intact. NIACINAMIDE Vitamin B versatile that improves skin hydration, in promoting a more uniform skin tone and in reducing discolorations. YEAST EXTRACT Its revitalizing quality reinforces the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against harmful environmental influences. Furthermore, it also increases the oxygen content of the skin and oxygen consumption, with a proven increase in cellular respiration. PLANT STEM OF CHILI PEPPER From this fruit it has been obtained an active ingredient that is able to increase cellular metabolism and cell vitality, exercising an intense antioxidant activity. CROSSLINKED HYALURONIC ACID Due to the cross-linking of Hyaluronic Acid, the molecule exerts a surface dermo-filling effect, binds higher water levels, and has a long-lasting action.
How to use
Apply to the face perfectly cleansed skin and by gently massaging before make-up. If the skin shows slight redness, or has been exposed to cold, wind or sun, combine the cream with Meritage25.

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