Restructuring Treatment

Restructuring Treatment

An ultra-comfortable intensive anti-aging treatment that combines restructuring and renewing properties. Ultra-concentrated in Ecdysterone, a powerful cellular amplifier discovered at the heart of a tropical fern, stimulates cell renewal and intensely restructures the skin in a treatment with unprecedented sensorial experience, for a unique feeling of well-being.

Format: 50 ml.

Active substance
PANTHENOL It has a calming and healing action and is therefore an aid in case of sunstroke and strong skin rashes. It promotes better skin hydration, as it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and it fixes water. SAFFRON EXTRACT Thanks to its antioxidant benefits, it is a powerful protection against pollutants and Metalloproteinases, main factors in the degradation of skin structures. PUMPKIN OIL AND PUMPKIN SEED OIL Is a powerful anti-radical free due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, selenium and vitamin E and it is rich in many nutrients including phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. PHYTOSTEROLS (ECDYSTERONE) Anti-aging agent that recreates the volume and the taut appearance of young skin. It stimulates cell renewal and smoothes and densifies the skin. PALMITOYL TRIPEPTIDE-5 Is a synthetic tripeptide that helps the aging process of the skin to slow down.
How to use
After a thorough cleaning of the face, apply the product and allow it to be absorbed with a gentle massage. For an intense treatment, apply Resurgence 18 in combination with a few drops of Sublime 25.

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